Bluetooth Headset BH 902 - Display

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When the headset is on and it is not used for about
10 seconds, the display enters the power saving mode. In
this mode the display turns off for about 5 seconds and
turns on for about 1 second at regular intervals.

To activate the display when it is in the power saving mode,
briefly press the answer/end key or either volume key; to
display the list of menus, press the power key.

To view the current time and battery status when you are
not in a menu or in a call, press either volume key.

The essential display indicators are the following:

The headset is connected to a compatible device
and ready for use.

The headset is not connected to a compatible

There is an incoming call.

A call is in progress.

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G e t s t a r t e d


A call is active and another call is on hold.

You have missed calls.

The microphone is muted (during a call).

There are unread text or multimedia messages in
your mobile device. The icon is shown only when
the headset is connected to a compatible Nokia

The battery is fully charged.

The battery charge is low.

You have hidden the caller information.

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B a s i c u s e